Time honored techniques and years of experience combine with state-of-the-art technology, creates furniture we’re very proud of.

“Those who believe in quality, produce quality goods.”


Ashwood is truly design led and boasts an industry leading development department of master craftsmen and design talent. Creativity and innovation drives us and keeps us ahead of the curve to deliver great style and comfort. Inspiration is drawn from around the World and we follow fashion trends to ensure we have the looks and textures demanded by the market.


Upholstery is still a craft and traditional skills are the backbone of the manufacturing process with frame makers, sewing machinists, upholsterers and fabric cutters all working to exacting standards.
In tandem with traditional skills we employ the latest computer controlled cutting machines and German sewing machines to help produce upholstery fit for the rigors of daily life.


From concept to delivery quality is designed in at every stage.
Top quality components are teamed with fabrics or leathers from some of the World’s best producers, all meeting or exceeding UK legal requirements so that you can be sure that your Ashwood upholstery will last and perform for many years.

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